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Healthy Choice Steaming Entrees
Lunch-size portions, flavorful ingredients and one-step steaming technology make these the perfect choice for healthy, lunch-time meals that fill you up. These new entrees include bigger, more vibrant ingredients and steaming is a healthy way to lock in freshness and unlock the delicious flavor so you can taste and see the difference.  Lunchtime just got interesting!

Complete Meals
Delicious options, essential nutrients and American Heart Association certified: Healthy Choice Complete Meals means making the right choice daily has just become easier. All 23 meals include a good source of fiber, an excellent source of protein, a full serving of vegetables, and a real fruit dessert. Whoever said you have to sacrifice to eat right hasn’t tried a Healthy Choice Complete Meal. Which would you pick tonight?

Café Steamers:
Eating right on a daily basis is easy when unbelievably fresh taste and a wide variety of choices are available. Café Steamers include four Mediterranean Inspired flavors and our new, improved Asian Inspired line along with our other flavors, each and every one a good source of protein and fiber. And the unique steaming technology keeps meats tender, vegetables crisp and pasta firm.  Which flavor are you in the mood for tonight?

All-Natural Entrees
All-natural ingredients such as pumpkin, asparagus, nine-grain pastas and 100% extra-virgin olive oil are highlighted in the line of new All Natural Entrées, which include delicious vegetarian options. Each contemporary recipe was crafted to deliver delectable food packed full of nutrition.

Select Entrees
Select Entrées takes some of their most classically delicious dishes and updated them with the help of world-class chefs to create the new Select Entrées line to satisfy your appetite for health and convenience.

Hunts Tomatoes
Hunt's Original Diced Tomatoes No Salt Added
Eating right starts with all-natural, premium, vine-ripened tomatoes with no salt added.  Hunt's Diced Tomatoes are cut from firm, peeled tomatoes packed in their own juice, and contain many nutrients, including the antioxidant lycopeen, as well as vitamins C and B-complex. They’re available in 14.5-oz. and 28-oz. sizes.

Hunt's Tomato Paste
Hunt's Tomato Paste is made from all-natural, vine-ripened tomatoes, salt, spices and natural flavors. Only concentrated, strained tomatoes are used for an extra-thick paste. Tomato paste originated as an Italian flavoring in dishes such as spaghetti sauce, lasagna and pizza, but it's also great in chili, casseroles, soups and stews. They’re available in 6-oz., 12-oz. and 18-oz. sizes.

Hunt's Tomato Sauce
Hunt's Tomato Sauce is made from all-natural, vine-ripened tomatoes, with salt, spices, and natural flavors for seasoning and contains no added sugar, corn syrup, or other sweeteners. Slow-cooked for a rich, smooth texture, tomato sauce is a key ingredient in favorite meals such as spaghetti, lasagna, meatloaf, chili, stews, casseroles and Mexican dishes. They’re available in 8-oz., 15-oz. and 29-oz. sizes.

Healthier living starts with EggBeaters—a healthier option to shell eggs.  EggBeaters Original has no fat (0 g fat), no cholesterol (0 mg cholesterol), is low in calories and is a good source of protein. A heart-healthy diet of foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol, such as EggBeaters, can help lower cholesterol.  Try EggBeaters Original today and find out how eating right can be so easy—and taste so great.

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers
With Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers™, everything's in one compact container: sauce, pasta or rice and strainer. So you can make it fresh from your desk, with no refrigeration or freezing necessary. They’re low in fat and cholesterol, so each flavor is beneficial for heart health. We’re making it easy – and tasty – to eat right.  Look for these delicious meals in the pasta or soup aisle at your local store.

Healthy Choice Microwaveable Soups
Every bite of savory Healthy Choice Soup is lower in fat, sodium and cholesterol for heart health but also brimming with quality ingredients such as garden vegetables, herbs, spices and tender chunks of meat. Choosing to eat healthy has never been easier. Choosing a flavor you crave from a variety of broth or rich cream-based soups – now that might be a tad harder.

Healthy Choice Canned Soups
Nothing satisfies like a warm bowl of soup. Every bite of savory Healthy Choice Soup is lower in fat, sodium and cholesterol for heart health but each is also brimming with quality ingredients such as garden vegetables, herbs, spices and tender chunks of meat. All soups are either a good source of protein or feature a full serving of vegetables. Choosing to eat healthy has never been easier. 

Orville Smart Pop Popcorn
“Healthy” and “snacking” can go together when it’s Orville SmartPop! It’s 100 percent whole grain, a good source of fiber and low in fat. That means you can eat more since six cups of SmartPop! has less calories and fat than one cup of regular potato chips, which, a study has found* can be beneficial in staying on track with weight loss.  A healthy, great tasting snack that’s ready in minutes: that’s easy!

*Results on file.

Created in 1961, All-Natural PAM® Original is the versatile, undisputed leader in no-stick cooking sprays. Use it for everything from better browning of your roasted turkey to keeping spices on your uncooked meats. And it has just 7 calories and less than 1 g of fat per serving.

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