Crisco® Is Cooking

The ease of making flavorful meals is now in
your hands with Crisco Imported Olive Oil.

Crisco Olive Oil provides the authentic taste you love, from a name you trust. These oils are made using the finest olives and can be used in a variety of delicious recipes. Crisco Olive Oil contains no cholesterol and can be used as an alternative to butter as part of a healthy diet.

Crisco 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Use Crisco 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil when you want flavor that stands out. Use it in salad dressings and marinades, and as a drizzle on salads, vegetables, pastas, soups and stews.

  • Toss with steamed vegetables.
  • Drizzle over slices of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese and herbs.
  • Brush on crusty Italian bread and bake until crisp. Top with seasoned chopped tomatoes, olive spreads or cheese.

Crisco Pure Olive Oil
This oil is ideal for marinades and lighter-tasting salad dressings. Crisco Pure Olive Oil also works well in sautés and stir-fries.

  • Brush unpeeled potato slices with Crisco Pure Olive Oil and spread on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt and pepper or dried herbs. Bake until golden brown and crisp.
  • To prevent sticking on gas grills or barbecues, brush the unheated grates with Crisco Pure Olive Oil.
  • Brush on meats, fish, poultry and vegetables before grilling or roasting.

Crisco Light Tasting Olive Oil
A mild golden color and stability in high temperatures make Crisco Light Tasting Olive Oil the ideal choice for frying chicken and roasting vegetables in the oven.

  • Add it to your favorite quick breads.
  • Use it to sauté vegetables.
  • Use it to make popcorn.

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