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Discover these delicious new products from KRAFT.

NEW! KRAFT Fresh Take


Enjoy homemade flavor, with just a 5-minute prep. You get everything you need to make your chicken, fish or pork a delicious meal. Each bag has KRAFT Natural Cheese and seasoned breadcrumbs, so you can make an amazing dish in just minutes.

Just Three Ingredients + Your Oven = Easy Meals

Available in:

• Cheddar Jack & Bacon

• Chili Lime & Panko

• Italian Parmesan

• Rosemary & Roasted Garlic

• Savory Four Cheese

• Southwest Three Cheese

Find In Shredded Cheese Section


How do you want your chocolate today?

Take your love for chocolate to new delicious levels with new PHILADELPHIA Indulgence Chocolate Spreads. This blend of creamy PHILLY and luxurious chocolate allows you to spread your passion to create more dreamy treats than you ever thought possible.

Available in:

• Dark Chocolate

• Milk Chocolate

• White Chocolate

Find Near PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese


Create a fresh family favorite in just a few steps.

The taste and versatility of PHILLY Cream Cheese is now easier than ever to melt and spoon. Try it by itself or create restaurant-inspired recipes that will make delicious meals for any night of the week.

Available in:

• Creamy Pesto

• Italian Cheese & Herb

• Reduced Fat Italian Cheese & Herb

• Reduced Fat Savory Garlic

• Sante Fe Blend

• Savory Garlic

• Savory Lemon & Herb

• Tomato Basil

Find Near PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese

NEW! KRAFT MilkBite Milk & Granola Bars

Get a jump-start of goodness with these bars made with real milk, combined with whole-grain granola and other tasty ingredients like real fruit or roasted nuts, delivering the calcium of a full 8-oz. glass of milk. New KRAFT MilkBite Bars give you five delish flavors to choose from. Look for them in the dairy section.

Available in:

• Mixed Berry

• Oatmeal Raisin

• Peanut Butter

• Strawberry

• Chocolate

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