Are You Game for a Fun Road Trip?

Are You Game for a Fun Road Trip?

Do you dread an avalanche of “are we there yets” when you plan a summer road trip? While the idea of driving hours with a car full of children can frazzle even the most patient of parents, a family car trip doesn’t have to be stressful. There are tons of games you can play with your children that will keep them entertained and you sane.

Please note: Driving must receive your full attention. Please only participate in these activities if you are positive that you will not be distracted from the road.

Here is a list of some road trip games you can play with your children:

  • Story Trail. More of a creative exercise than a game, this is when you and your passengers create a fictional story. Someone starts off with a few sentences, and the other people pick it up and run with it. You’ll be amazed at the direction the story will take!
  • I’m Going to a Picnic. This game tests your memory skills. The driver starts off by saying, “I’m going to a picnic and I’m bringing … asparagus.” The next player then must use the letter “b” and recap the complete list. So, “I’m going to a picnic and I’m bringing a banana and asparagus.” By the time you get deep into the alphabet, you and your passengers will be struggling to remember the list of goods.
  • The ABC Game. The object is to complete the alphabet first. As you see the letters on billboards and license plates, you shout out your letter and point. Once a letter has been claimed, other players cannot use the same letter. Make it harder by limiting to only license plates or billboard signs.
  • Name That Tune. As with the classic TV game show, the winner here is the one who figures out the name of the “mystery song” first. For those with singing / whistling / humming talent, this can be as much karaoke as a guessing game. Choose a theme for the game, such as show tunes, movie or TV themes or a popular singer. The winner gets to be the singer for the next round. If no one can carry a tune in a bucket, then try guessing the songs on the radio. Really want to mix it up? Hit the “seek” button, so no one gets an unfair advantage from sticking to one particular station’s format.
  • The Car Next Door. Invent stories about people in the car next to yours.
  • Scavenger Hunt for Road Trips. Give each child a list of items to watch for while driving. The list can be made up ahead of time and adjusted for the scenery.
  • Who Am I? Keep your kids guessing with this easy and fun game. Think of someone you and your children know: a family member, a neighbor, even a celebrity, and give clues to the person’s identity like their hair color, gender, or whether or not they wear glasses. Let each person guess and if no one gets it, continue giving clues until your kids figure it out.

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