Easy Cleaning the Affordable Way

Easy Cleaning the Affordable Way

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Need help tackling tough household cleaning? Use this problem-and-solution guide to make cleaning your home easier.

Problem: You don’t have the tools needed to target different surfaces and areas.
Solution: Stock up on these affordable tools for efficient cleaning.

Take stock of what you already have, and then go shopping with a specific list. Save money — only purchase the items you know you need.

  • Picker-Uppers: Buy paper towels, nonabrasive scrubbing pads, reusable wipes and reusable sponges. Look for all-natural sponges and cloths derived from sustainable, chemical-free materials.
  • Brushes and Brooms: You’ll need a broom, dustpan and scrub brush. Depending on your cleaning needs, you can look for specialty brushes, such as window blind, ceiling fan or vent brushes.
  • Buckets and Pails: Keep a couple of cleaning buckets on hand for dirty jobs and hauling around cleaning supplies. Organize cleaning-solution bottles in a plastic container with a handle.

Problem: You’re overwhelmed by the options in the cleaning aisle.
Solution: Stick to the basics, then buy more if you have specialty cleaning tasks.

Read instructions and labels while shopping for cleaning essentials. When you find what works for you, buy in bulk to save money and trips to the store.

  • Basic Cleaning Solvents: Shop for an all-purpose surface spray that targets windows, and bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Save money — purchase large-size cleaners and use refillable spray bottles.
  • Specific Cleaners: If the basics aren’t tackling your more specific tasks, shop for specialty cleaners like hard-water mineral remover, toilet-bowl cleaner, enzymatic carpet cleaner, tile and grout-cleaning solution, and furniture polish.

Problem: You’re low on time.
Solution: Pick up convenient disposable cleaning products.

Make quick work of household cleaning with products you can use and throw away.

  • Toilet Wand With Disposable Refills: Ditch your ordinary toilet brush for one that gets spectacular results fast. Buy a reusable wand and disposable refill heads for a shiny, clean toilet bowl in seconds. The best part? Since you throw away the scrubbing end after every use, you won’t have a bacteria-covered toilet scrubber sitting on the floor of your bathroom.
  • Disposable Dusting Cloths: Pick up both dry static (for dusting) and wet (for mopping) cloths for ultimate versatility. Simply toss them when you’re done.

Problem: You’re concerned about germs.
Solution: Disinfect as you go — keep antibacterial products on hand.

Clean regularly with antibacterial products and encourage hand-washing. Stock up on these germ-fighters.

  • Disinfectant Wipes: Protect your family and keep surfaces clean with wet, disposable disinfectant wipes. Wipe down doorknobs, toilet handles and sports equipment.
  • Air Sanitizer: Kill airborne germs and reduce odors — use an air-sanitizing spray in the bathroom, kitchen and pet areas.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer near the entrance of your home and in the kitchen. Buy in bulk and pour into decorative bottles to save money and reduce waste.

Problem: You want a clean house, but you’re concerned about the environment.
Solution: Look for eco-friendly cleaning products and add natural elements to your cleaning routine.

There are green alternatives to almost every conventional cleaning product. You can even find great cleaning solutions in the grocery aisle.

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Many brand name household-cleaning products now carry eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Familiarize yourself with labels and look for products that fit your family’s needs.
  • A Touch of Nature: Control kitchen-sink odors — run a lemon slice through the garbage disposal.
  • Pantry Finds: Some common cooking ingredients, like vinegar, baking soda and salt, double as cleaning products.

Problem: You have tough jobs to handle. How do you take your cleaning to the next level?
Solution: Rent professional cleaning equipment or purchase a heavy-duty household version.

Powerful cleaning equipment is especially handy if you have pets or high household traffic.

  • Carpet-Cleaning Machine: Renting or buying a carpet-cleaning machine is easy and much more affordable than hiring a commercial cleaning company. You can also work within your schedule rather than wait for professionals to arrive. If you find yourself renting a machine on a regular basis, consider purchasing an easy-to-use carpet-care machine for your home — it cleans up spills quickly and can save you money over time.
  • Floor-Care Machine: Do you have laminate or tile floors? New and affordable floor-care machines can vacuum, mop and scrub tile.
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