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How Many Tires Do I Need?

How Many Tires Do I Need?

Once you check your tires for wear and tear, you can determine how many you need to replace. If you are only replacing one or two tires, see the tips below to make sure you choose the right size and quality.

Replacing One Tire
Replace with exact brand, line, speed rating and load capacity of the other three tires. If you use a different tire, you may be more likely to encounter poor handling, pulling and instability.

Replacing Two Tires
Replace with the same- or better-quality tires. Also, make sure the new tires are mounted on the rear. Why? New tires have deeper tread with greater hydroplaning resistance, so they can grip wet roads better than older tires. You can steer to compensate for the lower wet traction of the worn front tires and safely stay in control of your vehicle.

Replacing Four Tires
You have a ton of options! This is the best-case scenario because you can change the size and quality of all your tires to suit your vehicle and your driving needs. To find the right tire for your vehicle, click here.

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