Easter Egg Decorating

Easter Egg Decorating

For millions of families across the world, eggs and Easter go hand in hand. A symbol of new life, the egg has become synonymous with the holiday. In addition to hiding them for backyard hunts and tucking them into Easter baskets, decorating eggs in new and unique ways is a fun and creative way to usher in the spring season.

Anyone can dunk an egg in a cup of dye — but why stop there? This year, get inspired with these artistic ideas for infusing spunk and personality into your adorable dozen. With adult supervision and a quick stop at Walmart, any young Easter enthusiast can become an egg artist.

Tip: To minimize messes and prolong the life of your creation, consider decorating blown eggs that have been emptied and dried.

Blowing out an egg is easy. Start by using a needle to poke a small hole in the broader end of the egg. Insert the needle far enough so that you pierce the inner egg membrane and the egg yolk (this will make the blowing-out part much easier). Make another somewhat larger hole (one-eighth of an inch) in the narrow end of the egg. Holding the broader end of the egg to your mouth, blow the insides out into a bowl. When the egg is empty, give it a rinse by partially filling it with water, keeping the holes closed with your fingers and shaking gently. Blow out the water and allow the egg to dry.

Just Bead It

Got a little fashionista who enjoys making her own homemade beaded jewelry? Let her apply her skills to Easter eggs. Start by dyeing an egg in a pretty background color, then use glue to attach multicolored beads and faux gemstones.

Spring Bouquet

Begin by applying your dye of choice to a blown, empty egg. Create a base for the egg by using safety glue to attach a small piece of wood or a flat rock to the bottom. Trim the stem of a silk flower and stick it into the top hole of the egg, securing it with glue.

Quite a Stretch

Ordinary rubber bands are the secret to achieving this funky cross-hatched effect. Simply stretch the bands around the egg before sticking it into a bowl of dye. Once the dye has dried, remove the bands. To give eggs a two-toned effect, repeat with another color.

Conversation Eggs

For this easy idea, you’ll just need a few sheets of word and letter stickers. Cover the surface of the egg for a lively and loquacious effect.

Finger Painting

For truly hands-on egg decorating, pour dabs of washable finger paint onto paper plates, and then hold the eggs with a thumb and index finger while the kids dip their own fingers into the paint and press them onto the surface of the eggs.

Crayon Eggs

Before dyeing eggs, have the kids color designs, lines, and shapes with regular crayons. When the eggs are dipped into dye, the wax of the crayon will resist the color.

Egg Families

At Walmart, stock up on different colors of yarn, fabrics, and ribbons. Once you’ve dyed eggs to the skin tone of your choice, use paint or permanent marker to create mouths, eyes, and noses. Trim the yarn and affix it to the top of the egg to simulate hair. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can create “bodies” by attaching empty toilet paper rolls to the bottoms of the eggs and making clothing out of fabric or construction paper.

With a little ingenuity, it’s easy — and affordable — to break out of the same old Easter egg rut.

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