Baby-Clothing Checklist

Baby-Clothing Checklist
Have a new baby on the way? This handy checklist will help you stock up on the right baby clothes and bedding essentials before your little one arrives.


Footie pajamas are a necessity in the winter. In warmer weather, babies may be more comfortable sleeping in a plain creeper and a swaddling blanket. Most newborns sleep best in one-piece outfits with snaps. Avoid loose pajamas and embellishments.

Shop for at least:

  • Four pairs of footie pajamas or coveralls
  • Four one-piece outfits with snaps


Although new babies do little more than sleep and eat, they often require multiple wardrobe changes. Thanks to everyday leaks and diaper mishaps, you may find yourself changing baby’s clothes up to four times a day. Stock up on plenty of these basics.

Shop for at least:

  • Five short-sleeved creepers
  • Five long-sleeved creepers


Layers help keep baby from getting too hot or too cold. Soft pants with a wide waistband can easily add some extra warmth or protection from the sun. Look for fleece, flannel and cotton. Be sure to purchase newborn sizes and the next size up; newborns can gain weight rapidly.

Shop for at least:

Hats and Socks

Even in the summertime, newborns can struggle to maintain a healthy body temperature. Keep your baby warm with a soft hat and socks. Since babies are great at kicking socks off, get plenty of pairs. Pick up soft booties with elastic around the ankles, too.

Shop for at least:

  • Four soft hats or knitted caps
  • Ten pairs of socks or booties


Depending on the season, you’ll need light cotton blankets or thicker fleece blankets. Even in hot weather, blankets can shield baby’s delicate skin from the sun. Although babies should not sleep with loose bedding during the first year of life, blankets come in handy in the car, in the stroller and around the house.

Shop for at least:

Burp Cloths

Some babies spit up a couple of times per week. Other babies spit up several times a day. Soft burp cloths help you prepare for everyday spills and spit-up.

Shop for at least:

Towels and Linens

Little babies don’t need big towels after a bath. Stick to small, soft and absorbent towels. Baby washcloths are much softer than regular linens and can be reused as face cloths when baby outgrows them. Also, be sure to have at least one extra set of sheets on hand. It’ll help you avoid late-night laundry.

Shop for at least:

  • Four baby towels
  • Six baby washcloths
  • Two sets of sheets for the bassinet, crib and playpen

Baby-Clothing Tips

  • Some babies rapidly outgrow newborn sizes; buy newborn sizes and a few sizes up
  • Wash clothes in a gentle, fragrance-free laundry detergent
  • Purchase a few special-occasion outfits, but stick primarily to comfortable basics
  • Keep plastic bins handy for easy clothing storage and organization

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