Work Out Like a Boxer

Work Out Like a Boxer

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Boxers possess incredible strength, endurance and dedication to both their physique and training schedule. So whether you’re looking to get in the ring or just want to try a new sport, here’s your guide to training like a boxer.

The Benefits

Boxing is one of the true fitness regimens to work all aspects of your body. It strengthens your core and muscle groups, and it targets multiple areas in simultaneous movements.

Performing these exercises at a rapid rate ensures a great cardio workout that won’t take very long. Gone are the days of dragging yourself through a marathon gym session — you’ll be a bona fide boxer in no time.

The Tools

Some gyms come equipped with boxing essentials, but others may not. You can create your own gym at home without spending a fortune. Get yourself in fighting shape with the right equipment.

If you’re working out with just a heavy bag and no partner:

  • Heavy bag
  • T-shirts, shorts, socks and shoes
  • Hand wraps
  • Bag gloves

When training with a partner, you’ll need to add:

  • Headgear
  • Mouth guard
  • Sparring gloves
  • Groin protector (and chest protector if you are female)
  • Jump rope (optional)
  • Weighted dumbbells (optional)

The Training

Each aspect of a boxing workout addresses specific parts of your body. Core training allows for greater punching power and works out your abdomen and lower back. Footwork practice keeps your balance and endurance in check. Your leg muscles will become stronger as you change positions quickly and often.

You’ll also incorporate mental strength as you practice putting moves together to create combinations. Sparring helps with muscle memory, too, so you can turn calculated techniques into natural movements.

Circuit workouts are an intensive form of exercise, where targeted muscle movements are completed one after the other for a specific amount of time and then repeated. The variation found in circuit training allows for a full-body workout in less time. Here’s a beginner’s guide to get in a good circuit workout:

  • Start with smooth punches and keep your feet moving. Practice bobbing and weaving to avoid your opponent’s counterpunches.
  • Jump rope while keeping your body as tight as possible. These controlled movements can help maximize your strength.
  • Target your arms and chest with pushups, pull-ups, chair dips or chest presses with weights.
  • Time to crunch! Focus on tummy-tightening and core-strengthening moves with abdominal crunches, bicycles, side planks and mountain climbers.
  • Grab dumbbells for weight conditioning. Start with smaller weights and work your way up as weeks progress. Bicep curls, military presses and overhead presses are all ideal to help tone arms; perform lunges and squats for legs.
  • Repeat the circuit from the beginning.

Like any other skill, you’ll develop and progress in your training the more regularly you practice. Now, get the gear you need to succeed.

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