Speed is in its DNA

Samsung innovation is at the heart of the Galaxy Tab™ 10.1. And that means speed. To start, the device supports WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth® connections. Add this to the 1GHz dual-core processor, and you can run rich 3D games and enjoy multimedia content with ease.

Content comes to life anywhere

Sliding in at about 1.3 pounds, this large-screen tablet is unbelievably thin and portable — just 0.34 inches thick — so you can enjoy widescreen movies in HD resolution (1280 x 800) with the built-in surround stereo sound wherever you go.

The Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 is also equipped with a 3MP camera for pictures and video, and a 2MP front-facing camera for Google Talk video chat. You can even share Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 content on your HDTV through the Tablet Extender feature — or stream it wirelessly with AllShare™.

Sweet customization

What else makes multitasking a breeze? Customization. Since Android 3.2 is designed specifically for tablets, computing is visual, fluid and intuitive. Here's a look at some of its features:

  • TouchWiz with L!vePanel* will take multitasking even further with continuously refreshed real-time content and rich widgets that deliver instant and relevant information to you.
  • The Quick App Tray* can float above other applications, so important tasks can always be right at your fingertips.
  • With Multiscreen Scrolling, you can view up to five different screens at the same time, so you can get more done. Plus, the 1GB RAM (max) makes multitasking seamless.
  • The Enhanced Browser includes tabbed pages, form auto-fill, bookmark syncing with Google Chrome and private browsing.

Android 3.2 also features key Google services that you can easily access through convenient apps on your home screen:

Google Maps: You can use Google Maps to point out your current location, search for businesses and addresses, and get directions to wherever you need to go. If you just want to explore the world around you while on the go, use Google Maps with Street View.

Gmail: View your inbox and conversations side-by-side, so you can triage your e-mail while you read. Drop a few Gmail widgets onto your home screen to stay on top of all of your accounts. You can even drag and drop conversations into folders from your inbox.

YouTube: The mobile app provides a fast and simple way to search, browse and watch YouTube videos on your mobile device. You can also upload the video you've just recorded and instantly broadcast it to the whole world.

Google Talk: Never miss a ping again with Google Talk on your Android device. Swap between multiple chats at a time, search your chat history, and see previews of videos and images within conversations or video chat.

Android Market: The new widget lets you keep on top of what's hot on Android Market, showing featured apps right on your home screen.

Stay Entertained

The Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 makes it easy to purchase a wide range of content through Samsung's hubs. With 13 million songs at the Music Hub and video content at the Media Hub,* this is paradise for anyone who just can't get enough. The Readers Hub* will give users access to 2.2 million books and thousands of newspapers and magazines, while the Social Hub* — a unified inbox for e-mail, instant messaging and social feeds — will gather your most important communications in a single place.

Of course, the Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 gives you access to millions of websites enabled by Adobe® Flash®, so you can view anything on the Web you want. No limitations. Your choice.

Your sharpest business partner

The Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 also knows business. It's the most enterprise-friendly Android tablet on the market, which includes a suite of security solutions that please even the most skeptical IT department. Premier relationships with SAP, Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync, Cisco AnyConnect, Sybase* and Cisco WebEx™* make it possible to operate efficiently, confidently and securely. Quickoffice® is even preinstalled so you can work with Microsoft® Office files.

An arsenal of accessories

Innovation even extends beyond the Galaxy Tab™ 10.1. Consider the Desk Dock, which conveniently charges and connects to other devices. Or when it's time to give it a rest, the Book Cover can protect the Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 or be transformed into a pedestal so you can relax with your favorite movie.

The possibilities of the Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 are endless, even though it might seem designed just for you. This is a device that can do it all — and with a battery life of up to 10 hours** the Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 might even outlast you.

*Device can be enhanced through a software upgrade when available.
**Battery-power consumption depends on factors, such as network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected, vibrate mode, backlight settings, browser use, frequency of calls and voice, data and other application-usage patterns.


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