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      • Cleaning Shortcuts Checklist

        Cleaning Shortcuts Checklist

        You don’t have to spend all day mopping, dusting and vacuuming to have a clean, tidy house. Follow these tips — they’ll help you sneak in quick cleaning shortcuts throughout the day.

        Dust Busters

        • Blinds: Remove surface dust in a jiffy — use your vacuum’s handheld attachment instead of a cloth. This is also a quick way to remove lint, pet hair and dust from draperies and headboards.

        • Electronics: Are your TV and computer monitors dust magnets? A used dryer sheet doubles as a duster for screens and removes static electricity.

        • Upholstered Furniture: Pick up pet hair and lint with a lint brush or damp rubber glove.

        Shipshape Floors

        • Carpets: Vacuum only the most highly trafficked areas each week. Do other rooms twice a week or […] Read More