In 1853, Gevalia Began Refining the Art of Luxurious Coffee. Today, You Can Find Gevalia in the Coffee Aisle.


Gevalia Coffees are expertly made with carefully selected beans, ground extra fine, to produce a rich coffee experience in every cup. Now, Gevalia blends are available in the coffee aisle! So it’s easier than ever to sit back and savor the rich, never bitter taste of Gevalia. Look for these delicious blends today:

House Blend

It's robust, yet incredibly smooth. This Swedish-inspired roast has a captivating aroma. Also available in Decaf.

Traditional Roast™

Enjoy a smooth and perfectly balanced blend. This is the most beloved blend at Gevalia. There's a reason this Swedish-inspired roast takes the crown. Also available in Whole Bean.

French Roast

This blend is intensely dark, aromatic and complex. These fine Arabica beans create a sultry taste that's unforgettable. Also available in Whole Bean.

Espresso Roast

Experience this dark and full-bodied blend with a hint of caramel undertones. If this doesn't perk you up, nothing will.


Savor this rich, bright and well-bodied coffee. This single-origin classic is renowned around the world. That's why Gevalia has sourced these beans for decades.

Chocolate Mocha

Discover the rich, velvety, dark chocolate flavor in this coffee. This blend is pure indulgence! You'll love every sip.


This blend is balanced with a heavenly aroma. Just sit back, relax and enjoy this everyday treat.


A Swedish break from the usual coffee grind


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