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      • Potty training

        Potty training

        Potty training can be challenging to both parent and child. You may not know how to get started, or if your child is ready. Stay positive, be patient and follow these 10 tips to help make training a success.

        1. Look for signs that your child is ready. Depending on your child’s age, he or she may simply say, "I want to use the potty." Younger toddlers may give you subtle signs such as fussing in a dirty diaper. Some kids may consistently dirty a diaper at the same time of day or in the same place. Try not to start too early. If you experience challenges when you start, try waiting a few weeks then start again.

        2. Teach by example. Show your child how the potty seat works using a book, a special DVD or by inviting your child to see how Mommy or Daddy uses the bathroom. Show them that using the bathroom is a natural, normal activity.

        3. Transition to training pants. When you begin potty training, stop using diapers. Training pants encourage your child to follow the body’s cues. Because training pants can be pulled up and down like regular underwear, your child will feel like a big kid. Stick with regular diapers at night until you notice your child [...] Read More 

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